SYAM DIS/LB1 Disabled Alarm Log Book A4 -

SYAM DIS/LB1 Disabled Alarm Log Book A4

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Syam's Disabled Alarm Log Book is designed for recording the inspection and testing of up to 6 separate disabled alarms. A4 size with a laminated cover for durability.

It is suitable for disabled alarms in toilets, hotel rooms, or wherever a an alarm is provided for use by a disabled person.

Disabled alarms are often neglected. The pull-cords, which should be accessible if a person has fallen to the floor, can be found tied up or tied around something to keep them out of the way for cleaning.

Other systems just fail to function because components have failed due to their condition or age.

Most disabled alarms on the market have a small rechargeable battery in the control unit so that the system operates if power fails. These batteries require replacement when they reach the end of their life. If the battery fails and is not replaced, not only will the alarm not work when power fails, but the failed battery will eventually destroy the charger in the control unit.

Inspecting and testing disabled alarms on a regular basis is not only good house-keeping, it ensures ongoing compliance with BS8300 and , by finding faults before they affect other components, may save costs.