BSI Guide to Emergency Lighting - 3rd Edition -

BSI Guide to Emergency Lighting - 3rd Edition

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BSI Guide to Emergency Lighting - 3rd Edition

What is BIP 2081:2020 about? 

Emergency lighting systems help occupants to leave premises safely in the event of a fire. BIP 2081:2020 is a companion guide to BS 5266-1:2016.

Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises. It interprets all aspects of the selection, design, installation, maintenance and testing of battery powered emergency lighting systems and helps users understand their legislative obligations. 


Who is BIP 2081:2020 for?  

Users and operators of premises on whom the legal duty of safety falls Emergency lighting project, design, installation and service engineers. 

 Other fire protection system engineers 

 Electrical contractors 

 Facilities managers 

 Fire protection companies 

 Architects, specifiers and consultants 

 Local and inspecting authorities including Building Control   Inspectors 

 Emergency lighting and fire alarm manufacturers and suppliers